Thursday, October 12, 2006

The Top Ten Biggest Mistakes in Video Game History.

The video game industry isn't perfect and hopefully I shed some light on the issues that has plagued it for almost twenty five years.

#10. Virtual Boy
Aside from blinding the user, this console was the strangest and most impractical idea ever to enter the video game industry. Playing a game as if it were an ancient PC in grid format wasn't bad enough but it made you look into it making you look completely ridiculous. If it didn't cause seizures, or cause you to lose all taste in playing video games then the Virtual Boy didn't do what it was meant for.

#9. Starcraft Ghost
Blizzard creates strategy games. That has been well documented. But what the hell happened here? One of the most delayed games of all time has still yet to come out. Is the first person shooting genre that difficult for Blizzard to accomplish? The mind boggles at this triumphant failure. A game of this magnitude couldn't have caused more buzz four years ago, but at this point they may as well flat out cancel this.

#8. Sega CD
Why Sega decided to keep this system a secret will always remain a mystery. They didn't tell anyone this thing was coming, not game developers, not consumers, and they probably shoved this thing on retailers without any notice. I tend to picture this system put on the doorstep of game stores in a basket covered in a blanket with a note attached reading, “Please take this game system of ours and treat it as if it were your own.”

#7. Nintendo ousting Sony's Super Nintendo CD attachment.
When Sony and Nintendo united to aid the future of gaming everything seemed for the better. When Nintendo decided to drop the idea because they didn't see the future of gaming moving to a CD format we all thought this was better for the future of gaming because Nintendo knows better, right? Well, now we know it was one of the biggest blunders in video games. Not only did Nintendo spawn a demon of epic competition proportions, but they also skewed themeselves believing cartridges had more life left in them.

#6. Xbox 360 Launch
Many things went wrong here. First of all Microsoft decided not to make any and then lure gamers into over pre-ordering the systems that don't exist. Ok, that was Gamestops fault... To continue, Microsoft for some reason decided to repeat history of their last consoles launch. Overheating issues, crashes, a black screen of death with a message? Did they not learn from those exact mistakes during the Xbox launch? It boggles the mind how they managed to even ship that piece of crap to the market.

#5. ET for the Atari
By now we should all know the awful story, but for those who don't here we go. They decided to make an ET game based off of the movie, but wanted to push it in time for the movie's release to maximize sales. Problem was, the developers were informed to make the game within about six months. That means they had to program and create the game in around two months, and have four left for advertising and creating the cartridges. Needless to say, this ended up being the worst game ever made. No one bought it, and the company made too many. Legend has it this game resides in a landfill in the Nevada desert which was paved over with concrete after scavengers decided to dig them up.

#4. N64 Sticking with cartridges
Alluding to biggest mistake number 7, this is another Nintendo mistake. Not only did they create the Sony juggernaut, but they gave Sony a clear format advantage. With CD's Sony's games were given full motion videos which captured everyone's sweet tooth for eye candy. This, along with easier development, propelled the Playstation above Nintendo's N64 and never looked back.

#3. Duke Nukeom Forever
This is the worst delay blunder of all time, ever. This game was due out on the N64 some eight years ago. What makes this the worst video game delay ever though, isn't just the time it's taken to come out, no not at all. It's the persistence! Give up, please just give it up! No one wants this game anymore, literally no one. Cut your losses and forget it.

#2. Sega Dreamcast
Alright, I've angered a few people by just putting this here but let me explain. The Dreamcast was a fine system. The mistake was that it existed. Sega knew it was going bankrupt and launched it anyway. If everyone on the planet bought this thing Sega may have recovered its losses. Instead, they released it anyway and put a bad taste in everyone's mouth by discontinuing it nearly a year and a half later. It should have just never happened.

#1. Sony PS3's Price tag.
Way to abandon your core demographic Sony. Applause all around for slapping all of your fans in the face. Gamers play games and as you put it, “This is not a game system.” With that statement a piece of me died. More of me died when I saw the whopping $600 price knowing full well that may as well be $800 after two games, and a controller. They truly feel that Blu-Ray is the future of gaming when it is absolutely clear they are pushing their new format hoping to lead the entertainment industry into the 21st century. That's all well and good, but get it out of my video games, they're not worth that kind of investment. Not to mention that investment may turn sour if Blu-Ray flops.

So there you have it, the top ten biggest mistakes in all of gaming. Hopefully, Sony proves me wrong about Blu-Ray but only time will tell on that one.

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